Adding A Sunroom To Your Deck

Do you have an existing deck you want to build a sunroom on? Leisure Living can help!

The process to build a sunroom on an existing wood deck or concrete patio begins with an onsite inspection.  At that time it will be determined if the existing deck/patio meets all building and zoning codes.  Once the desired sunroom has been selected the permit process begins. 

It’s Leisure Living’s responsibility to secure the building permit, which involves a series of visits to the building/zoning office.  The information is given to the architect, who puts together a set of architectural drawing which is submitted to the building department for approval.  Once approval is given the material is ordered from the factory.  The homeowner is notified approximately 1 week in advance prior to installation.  Most sunrooms take between 1 and 3 weeks for installation.

To summarize:

  1. Onsite Inspection
  2. Determine if existing deck/patio meets all building and zoning codes
  3. Select desired sunroom
  4. Secure Permit
  5. Architectural Drawings
  6. Once approved, material is ordered from factory
  7. Homeowner notified approximately 1 week prior to installation
  8. Installation begins (usually takes 1-3 weeks)

For all sunroom questions and inquiries in Central and North New Jersey, contact the experts at Leisure Living

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